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 CCS runs monthly training webinars for Candy users. Please contact us at for details of upcoming webinars.

You can also access previous Webinars using the following links:

Month Subject Location
Jul-15 New Features 2015
Aug-15 QTO
Sep-15 Price Codes and Resource Codes
Oct-15 Mechanical Worksheet
Nov-15 Task Codes
Jan-16 Subcontract Adjudicator
Feb-16 Cost, Bill and Group – Codes
May-16 Tendering for Indirects
Jun-16 Integration with Buildsmart
Jul-16 Selling Rates and Final Quantity
Aug-16 Candy Master
Sep-16 Mark-up​
Oct-16 Valuation Quantities
Nov-16 Next Month’s Quantity
Jan-17 Program auto-link Code
Jul-17 Candy Subcontract Manager
Aug-17 Candy Description Matching & Autoprice from Master
Sep-17 Import/Export – Candy Planning with P6 & MSP
Nov-17 Foreign Currency Pricing and Tax Codes
Feb-18 QTO 3


Candy Software Releases.





2.01cC110-C118SCMFix to Certificate export
SitePlanSave position of Property dialog on screen
ExportAdditional fields added
SystemAdded new default document pre-set - Plain black
ExportXML Export - Improved for Time view documents
W/SFix to Global Variable tool tip
SCMDocument 2.1 selection fix
SCMFix to SCM Certificate export
Res Rate 2System- formulae greater than 349 characters
SADatabase drop downs now same width
SCMFixed report where Extras cut off
EstimatingNew TT default for New users
SystemChanged pre-set default to option 1
IndirectsHide "Include IDC" on Valuation set up
Resource AnalysisAdded Group by Cost & Bill codes and added Task code column to Project code report
2.01cC103-109C&AAdd Group by Cost Group with totals to 3.1 Import document
HousekeepingImproved message when Clear Valuations
MultiuserFix when using many Calc Sheets
QTO ManagerImproved messages
C&ASummarise Group By amounts in document 3.1 Importer
EscalationAdd Previous Escalation Factor x Net Allowable
WBSRemoved unused old WBS code
HousekeepingAdditional protection when deleting Bill item with Bid rate
User codesOption to make User codes 1 to 6 job specific
L&FOriginal Bill description to be available
ResourcesAdded Group by Cost / Bill / Task and variance to Resource analysis by Project code report (5)
Calc PanelFix to button colour
ExportsUpgrade to exports
2.01cC97-102TopsheetsNew dialogue in Definitions & Settings
HyperlinksIncreased character field from 80 to 250 characters
PlanningP6 xml import, links on activity numbers
SCM (Subcontractor Manager)Reports menu changed to include only one Group code
C&A (Cost and Allowables)C&A quantity check against SC Due v Actual too precise mode
SystemCreate date to suit for all Time zones
Elemental CostingFix to open Analysis documents
L&F (Link and Forecast)L&F document 5.1 Resource forecast - Include status check on forecast side for re-calculation
Alternate estimateAlternative Estimate ensures Master is Parent job
ValuationsAdd columns: Invoice quantity, Invoice amount, Total invoice quantity & Total invoice amount to Valuation documents & reports
ValuationsAdd Atoms "(Bid - Bill) x Qty / Net / Selling variances
ValuationsAdd Atoms: Paid Net Amount, Paid - Actual qty, Paid Selling amount - Actual Selling amount
ValuationsNew atom, Selling Amount based on User Quantity
IndirectsImporting Indirects from Master, Delete start finish
ResourcesResources per Bill Item v BOQ, rate variance. Added Resource amount per unit
SCMImport subcontract Resource rate from SCM detail to Comparison rate
SCMTools menu: Verify Cost code allocated to all SC bill items
C&AAdd Group by Task/Cost Group in C&A documents and reports
C&AAdded Current period Cost comparison. Actual quantity x Previous Cost rate atoms
BOQAdditional warnings when deleting BOQ items that have a Bid base rate
2.01c60-C96 Multi-User Add 3 protectors to Multi-user company
  Definitions & Settings Changes to container dialogues
  Combos Visual changes to Combo pickers & Combo calls
  C&A Option to print Earned Value graph and data in one report
  Indirects Price codes can now be cloned by adding a character to the end of existing code
  Estimating Allocating and clearing User codes 2 to 6 by selection
  BuildSmart Export of work codes changed
  Valuations Overloaded amount ie (Claimed x Selling) – (Actual x Gross)
  Subcontractor Adjudicator Proportional spread now ignores Include/Excluded items from Target
  Resources Improved recovery time when using Calculate soft key
  User Code 1 Import BOQ User code 1 from a file
  Multi User Definitions & Settings: Trade, Resource type & Work code add button on popups
  Indirects Double click on selected unit now available
  Multi User Better concurrency message when clicking on a worksheet that has been changed by another user
  Multi User Material Adjudicator: Speed up rates to resource list, less conflict with other users
  Multi User Heading totals
  Multi User Enable paste from Excel
  Multi User Renumber Bill items by example
  Multi User Open Manhours on BOQ for all users
  Multi User Enable Production codes
  Multi User Enable Manhour allocation
  WBS WBS grouping tab added to BOQ report manager dialog
  Cost & Allowables Add column “Change in Allowable at completion”
  Alternate Amounts Alternative Gross Amounts added to Alternative Estimate documents
  Indirects Add columns to view manhours



Change confirmation message when spreading amount proportionally


Rate importing by Resource Type. Save selection for the Candy session



Subcontract summary, %age priced formula



Multiuser – making new package



Spread proportionally to be based on amounts and ignore discounts



Sum numeric columns



Allocate & clear Bill/Task & Work codes for selected items



Copy selected Activity descriptions to Price code descriptions


Candy Planning

Clear selected Activity descriptions/Remarks/Yellow tags



SC Adjudicator, can delete subcontractor



SCB bill report with “Group by” both primary and secondary codes


External Docs

Option to exclude external documents from job backup



Materials Adjudicator access



BOQ quantity with unit changed to Final quantity with unit in Forecast bill picklist



Added list of Resource bid rate x usage amounts column to Resource list


Support Info

Can now send support info “To folder”



Update on cookies, control files improved.



Multiuser drop Master worksheet (which uses complex that is not in the job).



Add column “Change to Cost at Completion”



Inspection tool for w/s line overflow

Candy Operating Systems Support

CCS Candy operates on Microsoft Windows — from Windows XP through to Windows 10, with the exceptions that it:

  • does not run multi-user and similar functions on Windows XP (for releases since late 2016)
  • does not run in Windows XP compatibility mode (for releases since August, 2017)

From January 2018, Candy:

  • no longer operates in any compatibility mode, including Vista compatibility,
  • is no longer supported on either Windows XP or Windows Vista;  however Candy will continue to operate on XP and Vista, provided that it is used:
    • on a stand-alone installation,
    • with data in My Documents,
    • with a local licence, and
    • on a single screen of normal size.

Candy continues to be fully supported on:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 (recent versions).

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