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CCS Candy and CCS BuildSmart are software products that have been developed by construction industry professionals specifically for use in construction and related sectors.

Each product has over 30 years of development and they are extremely rich in functionality.  And they are both backed by a range of support and training services, delivered by people with an excellent understanding of the needs of these sectors.

Industry focus

Construction, building and mining are tough sectors, generally involving delivery of highly complex projects, usually at high risk.  ‘Generic’ software solutions can be used but doing so places unnecessary pressure on management and professionals.  Candy and BuildSmart are tailored to meet these sectors’ unique needs, which include:

  • change-management requirements that can be extremely challenging
  • tight margins + high risk = need for excellent planning + cost control
  • very high impact of delays in provision of cost information
  • need for data consistency between estimating, planning, sites and HQ
  • high complexity in reconciling site costs and accounting records
  • reporting with wide variety of data and format requirements
  • diversity of resource types (labour, plant, material, subbies, fuel, inventory, etc)
  • generally, high complexity in interfacing multiple software applications


  • Two software products — both offering an extensive range of standard modules; BuildSmart also offers several optional modules.
    • Candy — used in project estimating, project planning and project cost control.
    • BuildSmart — a powerful financial management system with a wide variety of ERP functions that are specific to construction and related sectors.
  • Used individually — each product delivers outstanding functionality.
  • Used together — they tightly integrate with one another, delivering unrivalled visibility of project status and outlook.
  • Other integrations — Candy can also be connected with other financial management systems.
  • Candy licensing — to accommodate variations in level of project activity, Candy is offered on a flexible month-by-month rental basis.
  • BuildSmart licensing —  offered on a licence plus annual maintenance basis.

Candy and BuildSmart combine to provide an integrated cost management system for construction companies

Construction Computer Software’s
Integrated Cost Management System

CCS CandyCCS Candy

CCS Candy is a single, integrated product that provides modules for:

  • project estimating
  • project planning
  • project cost control

CCS BuildSmartCCS BuildSmart

CCS BuildSmart is a financial management system specifically designed for use in the construction, building and mining industries.  It delivers a very comprehensive range of functions including:

  • procurement
  • operational costing
  • payroll
  • enterprise accounting
  • excellent reporting
  • plus several other functions

Our Services

CCS Australia delivers a full range of services for its customers including:

  • product support
  • user training
  • seminars and webinars

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