Integrated Cost Management in Construction

Integrated Cost Management System

Effective management of construction project costs is crucial.  It can also be very complex!

Four systems that construction companies use to manage their costs are  estimating  project planning  project cost control and  financial management.  To maximise effectiveness, all four of these cost management systems need to work in harmony.

However, many construction companies have what might be called disconnected cost management systems — four separate ‘silos’, each with their own data and cost models. This not only creates inefficiencies, it also makes a complex management task even more complex.

Cost management ‘silos’

The solutions developed by Construction Computer Software aim to reduce complexity. We provide products in each of the above areas but what’s different is that they are fully integrated.  The result is that:

  • workflows are simplified,
  • communication between teams is facilitated and
  • project control and visibility are significantly improved.

CCS Candy is a software product that provides an integrated set of modules for estimating, planning and cost control.

CCS BuildSmart is a complete suite of financial management modules that handle everything from accounting and reporting to procurement, stores management and subcontractor management.

Together, Candy and BuildSmart provide an Integrated Cost Management System, or ICMS.
And they were developed specifically for the construction and related sectors.

Integrated Cost Management in ConstructionIn addition, if you are committed to another financial management system, such as Oracle or MYOB, talk to us about providing integration facilities between that and Candy.

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Candy and BuildSmart combine to provide an integrated cost management system for construction companies

Providing construction businesses the
right management information
at the right time to make the
right management decisions.
Video showing integration of Candy and BuildSmart
The use of disconnected cost management systems can be problematic.

One example is in the coordination between the estimating and project delivery teams:

  • lack of integration means it is generally not feasible for the estimators to convey the full detail of their costing logic — so project teams often have to develop the project plan from scratch
  • when the project is undertaken, the feedback of detailed ‘actuals’ to the estimators is made considerably more difficult — which impacts on risk and competitiveness for subsequent projects.

Another example is that when there isn’t excellent integration between the project team’s software and the business’s accounting software, it is dramatically more difficult and time-consuming to gain an accurate assessment of a project’s current status (time and money) as well as its projected status at completion.

project cost management in construction

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