CCS Candy

CCS Candy

civil engineering project software

CCS Candy provides an integrated set of tools for managing your projects. This begins with rapid and efficient creation of the estimate.  When you win the business, this estimate can then form the basis of the project plan.  And there is a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage project costs.  All fully integrated.

PROJECT ESTIMATINGConstruction estimating software

Candy offers extremely powerful estimating functions, specifically designed for construction and related sectors.  It supports first principles estimating, BOQ’s, QTO’s, pricing libraries, indirect costs, subcontractors and very flexible markup of costs.  Its worksheet allows ideas and calculations to be expressed in a way that makes it much easier for users in the post-tender stage to understand and utilise the estimate make-up.

In organisations that also use Candy for Project Cost Control during project delivery, the Estimating teams have an added benefit.  Because of the close integration of these modules, estimators have a simple means of gaining actuals-based feedback about the metrics they use in their models.

Construction planning software

The Planning module is a simple, no-frills, yet powerful critical path networking system designed specifically for construction and related sectors.  It can be used effectively by a novice planner but has the features and functionality required by experienced and professional planners.  By linking plan activities with items in the estimate, an accurate budget forecast can be generated.

Construction Project Control Software

The intellectual property developed during the bid stage can be readily used by the project team as the basis for remodelling the job ($ and resources) and redefining the program (time);  the Subcontract Adjudicator facilitates choice of subbies;  the Valuations module provides earned value analysis, allowing progress and forecast-to-completion to be tracked ($ and time);  the integrated design facilitates feedback of actuals to the Estimating team.


In addition to providing facilities for estimating, planning and cost control, CCS Candy can be integrated with accounting systems in order to provide outstanding visibility of actual costs and costs to complete.  This integration is strongest when Candy is used in conjunction with CCS Buildsmart, our own ERP system that has many capabilities specifically designed for the construction and related sectors.

Making this link between Candy and your financial management creates an Integrated Cost Management System, providing unrivalled visibility of project cost status.


Candy Modules

Candy’s functionality is provided through a number of highly integrated modules:

First principles estimatingEstimating

  • 2D & 3D take off
  • first principles estimating
  • master libraries
  • multi-currency
  • indirect costing
  • subcontract adjudication
  • manhours & productions
  • markup & finalisation
  • report manager
  • integrates with Planning & Cashflow

Construction project planningPlanning

  • precedence networking
  • user coding
  • multi calendar
  • resourcing
  • progress as built
  • information schedules
  • long lead schedules
  • time location
  • report manager
  • integrates with Estimating & Cashflow

Construction forecasting systemForecasting

  • link estimate & schedule
  • forecast budget and revenue
  • forecast quantity and resource
  • forecast manpower
  • report manager


  • financial modelling
  • payment lags
  • escalation
  • financing costs
  • advances & loans
  • retention
  • NPV
  • multi-currency modelling
  • report manager
  • integrates with Estimating & Planning

Construction project valuationsValuations

  • immediate use of estimate data
  • value engineer
  • multi-valuation quantities
  • variation orders
  • interim payment claims
  • post-tender indirects
  • report manager
  • integrates with BuildSmart Contract account

Subcontract Management

  • integrated with Subcontract Adjudication
  • multiple subbies per package
  • subcontract bills
  • subcontractor progress
  • subcontractor certificates
  • BuildSmart integration
  • report manager
  • integrates with BuildSmart subbie payments

Management of actuals vs budget in constructionCost & Allowable

  • BuildSmart or file cost import
  • cost vs budget to date
  • cost vs budget to & at completion
  • escalation & variation order management
  • earned value management
  • cost reporting

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