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We enable Australian construction companies to deliver more profitable projects.

We do this by providing cost-effective and scalable solutions that give you unrivalled visibility of your costs — both during the tender process and then throughout project delivery.

Construction Computer SoftwareThe tools we use to achieve this come from CCS, a world-class developer of construction industry software solutions in project estimating, project planning and project cost control, together with industry-specific solutions in financial management.  Australian construction companies — from builders to Tier 1’s — have been using these solutions for over 15 years.

Each of the CCS products provide outstanding functionality when used on their own. However the solutions can also be fully integrated — we call it an Integrated Cost Management System or ‘ICMS’.

And ICMS is a game-changer.  It delivers unmatched visibility of current cost status during the project, along with accurate cost-to-complete.

With real-time visibility comes control, enabling you to react instantly to problems and opportunities — and maximise your profitability.

Do you deliver complex projects?

If so, consider how much simpler your management processes would be if your •estimating •planning and •project cost controls were seamlessly linked with each other and to your •financial management processes.  Doing so can:

  • significantly reduce complexity
  • dramatically enhance control over costs and
  • help you to raise your profit margins.

The CCS approach is to integrate all these functions
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Integrated Cost Management in Construction

And if you use a financial management / ERP solution from a vendor such as SAP or Oracle, talk to us about ways in which we can connect with that too.

Estimating, planning and cost control integrated into one software solution — CCS Candy from FutureWorx

Project Estimating
Project Planning
Project Cost Control

In construction and related sectors, pre- and post-tender activities are highly interrelated so managing them in one application delivers significant improvements in efficiency and control.

CCS Candy

CCS Candy brings all of the estimating, planning and project cost control functions together as a set of integrated modules in one application.

CCS Candy links time and money in construction projectsOne aspect of Candy’s design that customers find extremely valuable is that it provides a dynamic link between money and time — an interactive link between the bill of quantities or estimate, and the program or schedule of work.

CCS Candy integrates estimating, planning and cost control for construction projects. FutureWorx.We have specifically targeted the software requirements of contractors in the construction, building and mining sectors.  This includes taking-off, pricing & planning a project, controlling at site level, right through to the final certificate.

With an extensive client base both in Australia and around the world, we are regularly exposed to a wide variety of new requirements and techniques.  This translates into the regular addition of powerful new features to the software, and all these features are accessible by all our users.

Construction Financial Management Software from CCS and FutureWorx.

Financial Management

Managing the financial aspects of any business that undertakes complex construction projects is more demanding than is the case for most other businesses.  The generic accounting solutions all fall short of meeting these requirements.

For example, there are some quite specific requirements in areas such as procurement and payroll — and even more unique needs in managing overheads, plant & equipment, stores and workshops.  The usual workaround is to manage this complexity using separate spreadsheets and databases — or else to use an ERP system that has been extensively tailored to suit the needs of construction.

But spreadsheets and databases can be complex, prone to error and are difficult to integrate with generic accounting systems.  And ERP systems are notoriously expensive to license, to modify and (particularly) to maintain. Often they still fail to meet all the requirements of this complex sector.

CCS BuildSmart

CCS BuildSmart delivers accounting / ERP software solutions tailored to the needs of the construction, building and mining sectors.  FutureWorx.CCS BuildSmart incorporates an extensive range of construction industry-specific financial management functions, making it extremely powerful, affordable and very rapid to deploy.  It is able to record and manage the various sources of cost for an organisation in this sector, and it is also widely used for the financial management of joint ventures.

project cost management in construction

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Construction Computer Software

FutureWorx Pty Ltd is the exclusive authorised distributor in Australia for CCS — a subsidiary of EOH Holdings Ltd.  EOH is a listed IT services company with revenues exceeding $A1 billion, employing over 12,000 people in over 50 countries.